About J.O. Seafood

J.O. Seafood is a leading International and Domestic Trade Agency providing a reliable supply and wide range of live, fresh and frozen seafood. Products are sourced globally from long term supply partners that pack to your specifications.

Controlling production from the source is essential to achieving the consistent performance that our customers expect of the products we procure. Production facilities are audited annually by internationally recognized third party food safety inspection organizations. All products in the brands of our customers are packed following approved specifications. In-line testing is done according to HACCP process controls and is done on all shipments.

We have extensive experience supporting supply programs to food service distributors, wholesalers and international importers and exporters worldwide. We understand how to support those programs through the distribution chain, and how to manage often seasonal world wide supply logistics to assure year round continuity to our customers. We are thankful for all the companies, big and small, that put their trust in us.

With over 100 vendor partners all around the world, we are able to supply you with virtually any kind of Live, Fresh or Frozen seafood from around the globe. With all of our vendor partnerships, we are able to secure our clients with the best market prices for their seafood needs.

Some of the more sought after products we obtain for our clients are: Fresh and Frozen Canadian Live lobster, Maine Live Lobster, Alaskan King Crab, Dungeness Crab, Clams, Blue Crab, Red Crab, Cod, Sea Cucumber, Yellow Fin Tuna, Geoduck, Atlantic Salmon, Chilean Sea Bass, Black Tiger Prawn, Prawns, Blue Fin Tuna, Brown Crab, Cod, Snow Crab, Oysters, Scallops, Mussels…If there is a seafood product you are looking for and is not listed here, please send us a message and we can supply you.

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